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Ordinances & Zoning

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Administration and Government
Chapter 2 Animals
Chapter 3 Bicycles
Chapter 4 Buildings
Chapter 5 Code Enforcement
Chapter 6 Conduct
Chapter 7 Fire Prevention and Protection
Chapter 8 Floodplain Regulations
Chapter 9 Grading, Excavating and Stormwater Management
Chapter 10 Health and Safety
Chapter 11 Junk Dealers and Junkyards
Chapter 12 Libraries
Chapter 13 Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations
Chapter 14 Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks
Chapter 15 Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 16 Parks and Recreation
Chapter 17 Pornography
Chapter 18 Sewers and Sewage Disposal
Chapter 19 Signs and Billboards
Chapter 20 Solid Waste
Chapter 21 Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 22 Subdivision and Land Development
Chapter 22-A Standard Details
Chapter 23 Swimming Pools
Chapter 24 Taxation
Chapter 25 Trees
Chapter 26 Water
Chapter 27 Zoning

Zoning Map
Appendix A Annexation of Territory
Appendix B Bond Issues and Loans
Appendix C Franchises and Services
Appendix D Governmental and Intergovernmental Affairs
Appendix E Assessments
Appendix F Public Property
Appendix G Sewers
Appendix H Streets and Sidewalks
Appendix I Water
Appendix J Zoning Reclassification
Appendix K Contracts
Appendix L Authorizations
Appendix M Tax Levy Ordinances

Township Information: 893 Mercer Road Beaver Falls, PA 15010-6815 (724) 843-5826

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